Ratings and reviews of electric Tankless Water Heaters

We have chosen to rate only electric model tankless units on this website. Please be aware that  Bosch and several other brands have  had recalls of over 50,000 GAS tankless units for potential Carbon monoxide poisoning issues (we told you so!) Don’t believe us? www.tankless-recall.com.  The following is the top 3 electric tankless models based on our research.

1. Titan Tankless Water Heaters (www.TitanTankless.com)

Titan Tankless Water Heater

Titan Tankless Water Heaters easily took the number one spot again (4 years in a row) for the best electric tankless models. The company has been in business going on 28 years and developed much of the technology other companies use today. The product is made in the USA and has the best warranty with 10 years on internal water carrying components. The price of the standard home model, which is the Titan SCR2 – N120 model, is by far the best value with a price of $249.99. Comparable models from competitors can range from $400-$800 dollars and can not match the quality. The Titan has all steel construction (many are plastic) with the best internal components to resist hard water, mineral deposits etc. They have many different size models depending on your needs and emergency overnight shipping. The internal computer technology is reliable complex, advanced and is currently being shared by NASA in their programs. They get the number one spot based on being the most senior company and best over all quality. There are many sites selling the Titan but its best to go to the source as many sites are not authorized dealers. Their website has a lot of helpful information and purchases can also be made:            www.TitanTankless.com                                                                                              Questions/comments on Titan Tankless?

2. Stiebel Eltron (www.stiebel-eltron-usa.com)

The Stiebel with its Tempra line has moved up to number two this year on our list. Their technology is similar to the Titan and shares an all steel construction as well. The units are reliable and withstood all pressure and output tests. They currently offer a 3 year warranty on their product line and have some of the best hot water output production in the electric line. The downfall of these units is they can be pricey and have a 3 year warranty. They are also originally from Germany so parts can be hard to come by. They do have manufacturing plants in the USA now so this problem has been alleviated. The company site is: www.stiebel-eltron.de but the site is in German so we put up the American version as well. There are so many distributors of this product on the internet now that it is hard to keep up! Questions/comments on Stiebel?

3. Powerstar (www.boschhotwater.com)

The Powerstar models are made by Bosch, the company involved in the gas Tankless recall. Despite this fact they make a quality Tankless electric models as well.They offer a 5 year warranty on their products. The model performed well in testing but did have some short comings. The outer casing is plastic and the temperature ranges were not adjustable like the Titan and Stiebel models. The prices offered for these units are fair and the customer service offered is very good. Their larger units require 3 separate breakers which is a tougher installation and takes up a good portion of your electric panel. Again another Tankless unit with dozens of websites selling the product.  Questions/comments on Powerstar?

The following Tankless models are not recommended for purchase

Many fly by night companies pop up all the time selling Tankless models with lifetime warranties or claiming to be made in the USA. Most are cheap imitations out of China that have low pressure ratings, are made out of plastic or cheap metal components and not at all reliable. Many will change the company names on the tankless product after a year or two when the units start to fail or issues come up.  Many of these units are made by the same Chinese manufacturer. If you look at several brands you will see the same stainless case with the same generic readout panels with different names stamped on them. Companies will buy these in quantity, create a catchy name and simply place a decal on the generic product. We believe at least 3 of the below listed tankless products are all made by the same Chinese manufacturer (compare casing, displays). We welcome any input on anyone that has experience with any of these models. In our opinion these units are NOT recommended for purchase.

AMERICAN HEAT TANKLESS – American???- Appears to also operate under Drakken and iHeat. Possibly now defunct.

DRAKKEN TANKLESS - Also appears to operate under American and iHeat

iHEAT TANKLESS – Also appears to operate under American and Drakken

SETS -  Also appears to operate under a new name of Hubbell

HUBBELL TANKLESS  -  Same as SETS but changed names for some reason







Questions/comments on these models?