About Us

We here at TanklessRatings.com have been around the tankless industry for about 17 years as of 2017 and have dealt with many of the common brands over the years both with performance, testing and installation. It is important to note that we do NOT receive any compensation from any of these manufacturers for our ratings. Many of the units we have physically tested and taken entirely apart and other data was based on in depth research on the web, interviews with customers and distributors. We do this research so you don’t have to but please keep in mind that our ratings are based on our opinions but feel they are accurate and reliable. You may not agree with us and we welcome any comments or criticism. We try to keep things simple and easy to understand terminology. We only make recommendations based on our opinions to which you may not agree, but we do hope you learn something from our site.
We truly hope you enjoy your experience on our website and hope it has benefited you. We welcome any comments/questions on installation, recommendations, climate and anything pertaining to Tankless Water Heaters so as to benefit the consumer. We feel that Tankless Technology is the new GREEN technology that will be the wave of the future. We sometimes can’t understand why every house would not have one as it saves electricity, provides healthier hot water, the hot water is endless and never runs out and it saves so much space. We anticipate that in the future that almost every home will have Tankless Technology.

Thank you for looking at our tankless blog and website.

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