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What’s it worth to produce an alternative water heating system that could reduce the enormous volume of landfill space currently occupied by old tank water heaters? Each year we dispose of over 7,000,000 worn out storage-tank water heaters into landfills. Because of its small size, a tankless water heater greatly reduces this disposal requirement by an obvious large factor. In addition, tankless water heaters are at least 85% recyclable. Finally, a quality tankless hot water heater system can last two to three times longer than the normal storage-tank heaters of today, reducing the frequency of water heater disposal. The use of tankless water heaters can significantly reduce landfill waste and harmful gas heater emissions as well. Not to forget you have endless hot water and an up to 60 percent energy savings per month. By going Tankless you are not just benefiting yourself but the environment gains a significant benefit as well. Just look at the landfill overflowing with old-fashioned tank models that will remain for centuries.

Landfill with old-fashioned tank water heaters

7,000,000 tanks per year!

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