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The Powerstar models are made by Bosch, the company involved in the gas Tankless recall. Despite this fact they make a quality Tankless electric models as well.They offer a 5 year warranty on their products.

The model performed well in testing but did have some short comings. The outer casing is plastic and the temperature ranges were not adjustable like the Titan and Stiebel models.

The prices offered for these units are fair and the customer service offered is very good. Their larger units require 3 separate breakers which is a tougher installation and takes up a good portion of your electric panel. Again another Tankless unit with dozens of websites selling the product.


  • Lou Tosier says:

    Purchased at Home Depot. The Powerstar does not have a very hot setting. Also I have had two go bad in two years. The support will not troubleshoot with you unless you are an electrician. They will not offer to reimburse you for getting an electrician to troubleshoot their product. Avoid this product there are many better choices out there.

  • Average Guy1 says:

    The unit (AE25)worked great for about 9 months and then developed a leak and would not operate properly. I had a few issues getting the problem resolved but finally got a hold of customer support. The unit was leaking badly and was replaced and all seems good now.

  • Andrew says:

    Good helpful information. Where is the best place to purchase the powerstar models for the best price online?

  • Rudolf Ratsep says:

    Very informative. There is a lot of good infromation and advice here.

  • Carroll B says:

    Thanks for the helpful posts here. This will help me make the decision of which tankless to go with. How come there is no information on gas models?

  • Burton Hayes says:

    Some genuinely valuable information here in tankless water heaters, bookmarked for future reference.

  • Linda Atkins says:

    I bought my model at Home Depot but you can get them cheaper online. I found that out after purchase so please shop around for these.

  • Harold says:

    Merely wanna remark which you have a very nice web web site with helpful information, I enjoy the layout it in fact stands out.

  • James says:

    I was not happy with this unit that I got at home depot. You cant adjust the temperature with this and it is plastic and feels cheap. For this reason I returned it and went with the Titan unit.

  • Mark Hanson says:

    Thanks for the reliable information about various Tankless models. There is so much confusion about how to install them and what to do. The site helped me out a lot

  • Isac says:

    Review by Donald T. Kinstler for Rating: I am not happy with this unit. I had issues with it melting my pex and causing other problems for me. I was unhappy with customer service also. Going with Titan for now and will let you know.

    • admin says:

      Anytime you install a tankless unit you must have a length (about 36 in) of copper at the inlet and outlet or it could melt the pex. If you use the copper you will never have a problem. We are currently in the process of new ratings and are looking at all comments.

  • Gahr says:

    I am not a big fan of power star models as they were sold in Home Depot and I don’t see them anymore there and when they were they seemed priced high.

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