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The Stiebel with its Tempra line has moved up to number two this year on our list. Their technology is similar to the Titan and shares an all steel construction as well. The units are reliable and withstood all pressure and output tests.

They currently offer a 3 year warranty on their product line and have some of the best hot water output production in the electric line. The downfall of these units is they can be pricey and have a 3 year warranty. They are also originally from Germany so parts can be hard to come by. They do have manufacturing plants in the USA now so this problem has been alleviated.

The company site is: www.stiebel-eltron.de but the site is in German so we put up the American version as well. There are so many distributors of this product on the internet now that it is hard to keep up!


  • Jason Gertz says:

    Where is the best online place to purchase these? The prices are so high and vary so much.

    The Titan model cost is so much less so why would that be? Is this one worth the extra money? will it last longer?

  • Eric says:

    Had mine going on 8 months now (tempra 24) and has been a good performer but did not see the electric savings that I was hoping for with this model. Works great though and never run out of hot water except during power outages.

  • Jim says:

    Where would the best place to buy these products? I see so many sites selling them online but most do not seem legitimate.

  • Dave says:

    The problems that I have with Steibel is that the product is German. Parts are hard to get and if you ever have a malfunction you might be without hot water for a week. Try explaining that to my wife.
    The Titan company is local in Miami so you can get repairs done fast if needed. Titan is way cheaper in price also.

  • Tempra 20b review says:

    I don’t agree with the Steibel review. I have had one of these and had to replace it as I had nothing but problems and getting repairs or help was difficult to say the least. I went back to a tank model due to this experience.

    • admin says:

      Its unfortunate you had a bad experience. You should still go tankless as this is the modern way to go. Save energy, help the environment and have endless hot water!! Good luck

      • Jill says:

        Great site and information but I feel Steibels biggest downfall is that it is from Germany and they are very expensive. If they break you are in trouble for sure as parts can be hard to come by. They are almost twice the price of a Titan Tankless which is made entirely in the USA for 28 years and parts can be ordered overnight if need be.

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