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Tankless Models NOT recommended for purchase

These tankless models in our opinion at Tankless Ratings are NOT recommended for purchase.


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Many fly by night companies pop up all the time selling Tankless models with lifetime warranties or claiming to be made in the USA. Most are cheap imitations out of China that have low pressure ratings, are made out of plastic or cheap metal components and not at all reliable. Many will change the company names on the tankless product after a year or two when the units start to fail or issues come up. Many of these units are made by the same Chinese manufacturer. If you look at several brands you will see the same stainless case with the same generic readout panels with different names stamped on them. Companies will buy these in quantity, create a catchy name and simply place a decal on the generic product. We believe at least 3 of the below listed tankless products are all made by the same Chinese manufacturer (compare casing, displays). Be wary of any model that offers a lifetime warranty based on many tankless companies history. We are on the fence about EcoSmart tankless as of 2015-16. This was due to their main Miami location shutting down, users complaining of failing units after a year with no help on what was supposed to be a “lifetime warranty”. It seems they are possibly going to be taken over by Rheem which should be a good thing. We welcome any input on anyone that has experience with any of these models. In our opinion these units below are NOT recommended for purchase. Please note that we receive no compensation from any Tankless Water Heater company on this site, nor are there any affiliate links of any kind.

AMERICAN HEAT TANKLESS – American???- Lifetime warranty but seems out of business and now possibly going by Krakken and iHeat. Numerous consumer complaints from businesses selling these out Hialeah, Florida in so many cases. If you are not familiar with Hialeah, Florida it is a small city with one of the highest per capita fraud rates in the nation. Probably one of the worst tankless water heaters ever made out of plastic and as you can see from reviews the failure rate within 1 year is probably around 95%. There was also a fire risk and the units were not regulated properly, appeared to not be lead free and we are all familiar with the dangers of lead and how Chinese products do a poor job of regulating that. Pure junk from the same company that imports from China the Krakken and Iheat tankless models. We recommend to avoid these units at all cost and any company dealing in these should be avoided. Many scam type companies will sell these as the importer generally will “front” the units for consignment sales as no reputable dealer will buy any of these models with up front monies as it is too much of a risk. AVOID!

SETS – Same as Hubbell

HUBBELL TANKLESS – Same as SETS but changed names for some reason

iHEAT TANKLESS – Shockingly still in business for 2016 but appears to be an off shoot of American Heat and KraKken Tankless out of Hialeah, Florida and those both appear to be out of business. As indicated when all the lifetime warranty American Heat models began to flood the company (1000’s of these junk units were sold) they simply change the name of the product and appear that they are out of business and start with a newer name as in this case to iheat tankless. Offers lifetime warranty which both American Heat and Krakken offered and you can almost completely dismiss that as they will definitely not be around for a lifetime. Please see the above comments on the American Heat model which sums up these units as they are all imported from the same company in Hialeah Florida. AVOID!





USA TANKLESS WATER HEATER – Appears out of business and did not appear to be made in the USA

KRAKKEN TANKLESS WATER HEATER – s/a American Heat, and iHeat. Please note that Krakken (fire breathing dragon) is supposed to be spelled KRAKEN. Please review the comments above on American Heat and iHeat tankless as it pretty much sums up this line of products. AVOID

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  • Jeff M says:
    1 stars

    Purchases a Ecosmart tankless water heater from this location about a year ago. I was told that the unit has a lifetime guarantee from manufacturers defects. Several weeks ago I drove back to this same location to notice a sign in the door stating “please call this 1-800 # for any warrantee concerns”. I called and was advised that there is no such lifetime guarantee and that any repairs can be done by the “purchaser themselves with assistance and instructions from the telephone”. I almost threw up in disgust especially with the bad attitude from the ecosmart operator. I finally had to go to another local store and purchase a brand new Titan unit which hopefully will last longer and treat customers better.

  • Wiser says:
    1 stars

    I purchased a SETS model 280 after being impressed by their web claims of helping 911 responders and their affiliation with NASA.It was comparable in price with other well know companies, “built in the USA”, and I wanted to give them a chance.

    Big mistake! Not only does it NOT produce the advertised constant flow of a constant water temperature, it burned me and my credit card. The company flat out refused to do anything other that give me the run around and feed me lame excuses as to why it doesn’t work. I wasted over $2000 getting their water heater professionally hooked up, over $700 on the unit itself, and hours trying to get any help out of these clowns.

    Read the fine print on the bottom of their page, NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON, they say that for a good reason, they know what I know now. Look at how many different websites they advertise under, read the other reviews they don’t post of these sites, do your homework.

    Whatever you do, DON’T BUY A SETS!!!!!IT SUCKS

  • Raritan says:
    2 stars

    Hubbell, the manufacturer of the SETS tankless water heater advertises that it will provide technical support to its customers within 24 hours.The unit I purchased has always had trouble maintaining a constant temperature, but a few weeks ago it stopped working altogether, so I contacted technical support.

    After a week I received an email that the technician was on vacation and would contact me the following week.

    Two more weeks passed and no one from the company has returned my requests for assistance.

    I would stay away from all Hubbell products.Their products are poor quality and their technical support is non existent.

  • Scott says:
    1 stars

    We are a Florida Plumbing contractor. Over the past 2-1/2 years we have installed over 120 Iheat tankless heaters. There is not one single unit we didn’t have issues with. The company that sells these units is horrible. The company honors nothing! I felt as if I were dealing with shady used car salesmen rather than a professional plumbing supplier. Avoid the headaches and go with a company that has been around.

  • Olga says:
    2 stars

    I purchased the American water heater about 3 years ago. The water heater doesn’t work well in probably in a year. I took it to the Miami office in Hialeah. They fixed and then after a year started to get really hot then going cold. I called them again and they said I have to bring it back. They will charge for parts and services. I’m really disappointed about this decision I made. It was the worst to change my regular water heater for this. What I’m going to do now? It’s winter and I have to have a cold shower. If I take it back probably I will need around a $100.00 not including the plumbing service.

  • Marie says:

    I purchased the American Heat water heater less than two years ago. The water heater started going cold and then hot. After about three months of this, I called the company and told them what was going on. I was told to dismantle it and bring it in. I told them that I would either have to hire a plumber or an electrician to do this and then pay them again to put it back on after they had fixed it. I also told them that I was a recent burn victim and I had just spent six weeks in the burn unit and could not bring it in. The water just completely died this evening and I am out all this money for a brand new water heater.

  • AJ says:
    1 stars

    Purchased an American Heat unit thinking they were American made. Found out later they were cheap copies made in China. Here is what I found when i installed it.Instead of brazing or soldering they use electric welding to seal the inside. That is because they use aluminum for the heat exchanger. This should have been the first red flag. Think about it when was the last time you went to the plumbing store to pick up aluminum pipe and when did you ever see a plumber using an electric welder on pipe..NEVER. Not even 20 minutes went by when I started getting leaks, the reason I found is due to low PSI.Something else I learned. Being that the construction is aluminum you run into another little thing called “Galvanic Corrosion” This is when you use two metals that are not compatible with each other like aluminum and copper or aluminum and brass. Read up on that but it is really bad for a tankless unit. This is the reasons for the leaks. The American Heat (Made in China) can only hold up to 62 PSI. Plumbing code required water heating deviced to be able to take 150 PSI. The Titan and other reputable models are 150 PSI. Another thing I saw was that the pipe fittings are metric. I was curios about how this unit got the UL listing that it shows. I went to the UL site and not suprising I could not find any information on this unit being listed. You can check for yourself on the UL listing page. I made a website with pictures and information about my experience here:

  • Nelly says:
    1 stars

    I bought an American Heat tank-less heater model ADK-1 on 01/03/08 and submitted the lifetime warranty as specified on the warranty card shortly after before the 30 days to activate the warranty. I mailed it to the address on the card: American Heat Industries PO Box 941507 Miami, Fl 33194.

    My water heater broke on 11/30/11 so that is only 3 years. I found on the internet that the company is located in Hialeah at 7709 West 20 Ave-Hialeah, Fl 33014 (phone number **) and I call them up to see about the lifetime warranty; they advice me to go over and bring the heater and that they will fix it for me free of charge. I spend 3 hours of my day on 12/02/11 and drove to their location in Hialeah, Fl. They told me they could not find my warranty in the computer and that the company was sold to new owners and that they could not do anything for me unless I wanted to buy a new water heater.

    I explain to them that even if the company has new owners, their responsibility was to honor the lifetime warranty. I have all my papers, receipt with date of purchase copy of the warranty and portion of the detach warranty card I submitted to American Heat. I wish there was something I can do about it as a consumer I feel violated on my rights and feel that they are not running an honest business.

    If there is anything I can do, can you please email me at **? I feel that I should take this matter to a consumer affairs attorney to fight for my rights as a consumer.

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