Titan Tankless takes number #1 again for 2017


Titan Tankless Water Heater Review

The 2017 models are affordable, reliable and built in the USA from a company that has been in business for over 30 years


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Titan Tankless Water Heaters easily took the number one spot again (5 years in a row) for 2017 as the best electric tankless model. The company has been in business for 30 years and developed much of the technology other companies use today. The product is made in the USA and has the best warranty with 10 years on internal water carrying components and 1 year on all parts and labor.

The price of the standard home model, which is the Titan SCR2 – N120 model, is by far the best value with a price of $249.99. Comparable models from competitors can range from $400-$800 dollars and can not match the quality. The Titan has all steel construction (many are plastic) with the best internal components to resist hard water, mineral deposits etc.

They have many different size models depending on your needs and emergency overnight shipping. The internal computer technology is reliable complex, advanced and is currently being shared by NASA in their programs. They get the number one spot based on being the most senior company and best over all quality.

There are many sites selling the Titan but its best to go to the source at www.titantankless.com as many sites are not authorized dealers and you could get stuck with a refurbished, export Titan model, older out of date model, etc. Their website has a lot of helpful information and purchases can also be made there. Titan Tankless is the modern way to heat your water. Please read our Titan Tankless review and you can also rate or provide any comments on the product

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5 stars


  • Joe D says:
    5 stars

    Very happy with my Titan purchase and my family also uses the larger models for their home up north.

  • Marlene says:

    I read about using a filter for the Tankless installation on here and wanted to say that I have had my Titan for 5 years now in South Florida and used a filter that was just for sediment. The actual filter turns black about every month or so and has sediment and things in there. I got my filter at Home Depot for 29 dollars and glad I did.

  • Emory Faux says:

    I have the Titan N-120 and we plan on adding an additional bathroom. Is it better to upgrade the entire unit or just install an additional unit for point of use at the new bathroom?

  • Juan L says:
    5 stars

    Love it

  • Eric D says:
    5 stars

    I had my Titan N-120 for almost 7 years and it just stopped working. I wasn’t covered under warranty but Titan refurbished it for 50 and gave 1 year additional warranty. Works great again

  • Rose Marie David says:

    I have an American Heat waterless hot water heater. It has been replaced four times in 4 years. The company won’t service it because I live on the 4th floor. (I do have an elevator). I want to get rid of it. Where can I purchase the Titan tankless heater. I live in Margate Florida.. One bathroom getsq warm water the other gets cool water. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Andre Young says:

    Loving my Titan and thanks for the helpful installation tips. Make sure you purge your water lines prior to connecting to the Titan. I used a bucket and glad I did as old solder, dirt and stuff came out and dont think it would be good if that went inside the unit. I will post my electric bill savings as I am excited to see them. I installed an N-160. I would like to post pics of the instal but cant figure out how.

  • Gordon J says:

    I was using PVC when installing an N-120 and discovered taht you must use a 36 inch length of copper tubing at the inlet and outlet and then connect pvc. Easy to do but good pointer for all to know. I guess its cause it might melt??

  • Eddie says:

    Is it OK to install the N-270 water heater upside down? I think the plumber had his inlet and outlet pipes run before he installed the water heater and just flipped it upside down to keep from changing the pipes. Thanks for your help.

  • Juan G says:

    Do you have to use the compression fittings that come with the Titan? Can you just connect a flexible hot water line to the unit?
    Can you use PEX lines with it?

  • Jacelyn says:

    I had read that periodic maintenance of these units is important like flushing out the unit periodically.
    What are the time frames for that type of maintenance and what is the best method to do so.
    Thank you

  • Nancy says:

    We have made the decision and wanted to thank you for guiding us in the right direction. So far so good!

  • Henry says:

    I am loving my new N-270 Tankless unit here in VA. Endless hot water and saving on my electric. Thanks Titan

  • Eric says:

    I am pretty handy but never installed anything like this before. Would this be something I can install myself. I had one installer quote m e 450 to do the install so I am trying to save money. My breaker box is next to my tank water heater and the plumbing is right there also. what do you think?

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