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What’s it worth to produce an alternative water heating system that could reduce the enormous volume of landfill space currently occupied by old tank water heaters? Each year we dispose of over 7,000,000 worn out storage-tank water heaters into landfills. Because of its small size, a tankless water heater greatly reduces this disposal requirement by an obvious large factor.

 In addition, tankless water heaters are at least 85% recyclable. Finally, a quality tankless hot water heater system can last two to three times longer than the normal storage-tank heaters of today, reducing the frequency of water heater disposal. The use of tankless water heaters can significantly reduce landfill waste and harmful gas heater emissions as well. Not to forget you have endless hot water and an up to 60 percent energy savings per month. By going Tankless you are not just benefiting yourself but the environment gains a significant benefit as well. Just look at the landfill overflowing with old-fashioned tank models that will remain for centuries.

Environmental Tankless
7,000,000 tanks per year!

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  1. It is nice to see this technology that ultimately helps the environment. Each year over 7 million used tank water heaters clutter landfills and are not very recyclable so they will take up space for many years to come. They waste energy, cause more pollution and use millions of gallons of oil and other resources due to high electrical usage. A tankless unit is small and almost fully recyclable and they save energy and are an overall benefit to the environment. Here in California the air resources board is pushing for more homes to use tankless. Thanks for caring!

  2. You have to FLUSH it with vinegar once a year to keep it fully functional You need a sump pump and 2 gallons of vinegar and let it flush out for about 1-1/2 hours. If you don’t do this you will damage your tankless a great deal due to the sediment building up and once a year also clean the filter. You have to make sure you have appropriate pressure valves; some municipalities require temperature valves too.

  3. I am trying to figure out how a Tankless unit would help the environment as compared to a tank. They make energy efficient and more environmentally friendly tank models now so why spend a ton for a tankless unit?
    It just seems everyone is saying they are green today to get business as that is a new promotion technique. Enlighten me

    1. Where do we start on this one but…..in just about every aspect a tankless unit is more environmentally friendly. A Tankless unit is about 80 times smaller than a tank model and a tankless unit is almost fully recyclable where a tank is not. There are almost 8 million tank models in landfills across the US that are discarded annually filling them up for centuries to come. This is a huge environmental problem. A tankless model only operates and uses electricity when you turn on your hot water so you can 60% on hot water energy. A tank runs off and on all day even if you are not using it. When you have an old fashioned tank if you run your hot water…the tank is filling at the same time with cold water so the water you paid to heat up is getting diluted and cooled down. This is inefficient to say the least as a 60 gallon tank will only yield about 45 gallons of decent hot water. Would you leave your car running all night so it would be ready to drive for work in the morning? Well that is what a tank does..it runs off and on all the time, even when you don’t use it. We could go on and on about the obvious benefits but these are just a few. In addition tank units can have bacteria, sediment, rust and other unhealthy things harbored inside them which again is not great for any purpose. We hope this helped convince you.

    2. Its good to know that these Tankless units save so much energy and help the environment. I was not aware that they benefited in so many ways from recycling, landfills and energy consumption. They also save you on hot water usage as they heat water instantly so no long running of water. I believe these are the wave of the future.

  4. awesome blog! I was not aware these tankless units were environmentally friendly as they are. Its good to know most like the Titan are recyclable and help save energy.

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