Titan Tankless rated #1 AGAIN

Titan Tankless

Titan Tankless Water Heaters easily took the number one spot again (6 years in a row) for the best electric tankless models. The company has been in business going on 37 years and developed much of the technology other companies use today.

 The product is made in the USA and has the best warranty with 10 years on internal water carrying components.

The company develops, designs and engineers all their tankless products in the USA.  When Rheem, who is the largest tank water heater company, wanted to develop their first tankless model they called on Titan to design and manufacture these units for years until Rheem decided to use what appears to be imported Chinese parts and casings for what appears to be reduced costs.

The price of the standard home model, which is the Titan SCR2 – N120 model, is by far the best value with a price of $243.00. Comparable models from competitors can range from $400-$800 dollars and can not match the quality. The Titan has all steel construction (many are plastic) with the best internal components to resist hard water, mineral deposits etc.

 The Titan uses “Incoloy/Nichrome elements which are the same technology used in Nuclear cooling radiators as they are most resistant to corrosion, hard water and other harmful compounds. They are the only model that uses this advanced technology that we are aware of. This is one of the reasons the Titan will last for many years, even if exposed to hard, mineral infused water.

They have many different size models depending on your needs and emergency overnight shipping. The internal computer technology is reliable complex, advanced and is currently being shared by NASA in their programs. They get the number one spot based on being the most senior company and best over all quality.

There are many sites selling the Titan but its best to go to the source as many sites are not authorized dealers. Their website has a lot of helpful information and purchases can also be made: http://www.TitanTankless.com

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  1. Greetings,
    I was wondering if these Titan water heaters will work in the Caribbean. I reside on the Island of Barbados and have a water storage tank with light water pressure. I currently use a point of use shower water heater but it gets hot and cold and does not work well.
    Thank you

    1. The Titan Tankless works great in the Caribbean and there are Titan dealers on many islands. The electrical set up is perfect as most islands work off straight 220-240V set up which is perfect for a Titan. It works great with wells or storage tanks as well and ultimately will save you energy, water and provide the endless hot water we all love!

  2. I am interested in purchasing a Titan after doing some research but had some questoins about the longevity of these and what happens if there is a problem? Can I install this myself? How much money would I save over my tank? I am in a 2/1 smaller home in Southern Alabama and was thinking the N-160 Titan….what do you guys think? Thanks for any info

    1. The N-160 sounds like a good choice for your area as the incoming ground water would be decent for this model. You can install it yourself and you can read through our installation section to learn more. https://tanklessratings.com/2016/10/24/tankless-installation/
      You can save up to 60% on your hot water energy as the tankless only uses power when you activate the hot water, unlike a tank the runs off and on 24/7. Good luck

  3. I saw on Mythbusters where a hot water tank blew up a small home. Crazy question but can this happen with a Tankless model? 🙂

    1. A tankless water heater is designed completely different than a standard tank model so in answer to your question NO.

      As we indicate in our health area there is no danger of explosion and your water is safer as tanks can also harbor bacteria.

      To put in simply on that show they blocked off a pressure relief valve on the tank and set it to heat the water on high. The steam built up and this caused a massive explosion.
      This would be a rare occurrence but fortunately it won’t happen with a tankless.

  4. I live in South Florida and have a 3 BR / 2 Bath home . It is only me and my wife.
    We have just installed a Therapeutic walk in tub for my wife which takes approx. 200 gal to fill. It takes 15 minutes to fill and I’m running out of hot water. We have a 50 gal electric hot water heater.
    The tub is used 5 days a week. Can you recommend which Titan I should be looking at and if we need to install a single sediment filter which seems to be recommended.
    Not sure what size filter to use can you help in that area as well.
    Thank You,
    Ray Orsi

    1. The great thing about a tankless is that you never have to worry about running out of hot water. Unlike a tank where you can run out half way through a tub fill a tankless will provide the same consistent hot water all the way through the fill so this problem can easily be corrected. We would recommend the N-160 model for your needs but just make sure you can support it electrically in your home. The N-120 is most popular for your area but we always recommend going a step up if you can support it as the unit is adjustable. This model will fill your custom tub faster and with the same hot water all they through the fill. It is best that you have a 125-200 AMP service in your home. The filter is optional and usually used in areas with well water and sediment. It can not hurt to get it though as it will help extend the life of the water heater. As far as filter size just get a standard 3/4 filter size and make sure it is whole house. Always use pleated filters and not foam if you can. Good luck

  5. I have a Titan model N-160 and have to say that I love the energy savings. Sometimes in the winter months I have to adjust the temperature higher but otherwise works great for me.

  6. I see that some recommend a filter go on before the Titan to filter out sediment. I know this is optional but what would warrant using a filter? Does this affect pressure and what kind of water would require it?
    I did not use a filter in mine (3 years old) but now I am wondering if I should add one to help increase the Titan life.
    What is recommended for this?
    I live in Georgia and using municipal water not well.
    Thanks Charles

    1. A filter is a great idea for tankless installations as it prevents small debris, sediment, slime and other unpleasant things that can affect the performance. It is best to use a SEDIMENT only filter so as to not limit the hot water pressure.

    2. (From a reformed Home Depot clerk) An itnarmopt decision factor is how much hot water do you need how fast. Depending on model, a demand heater will deliver 2.5 to 5 GPM. ! usage is 2.5 GPM (ie. a shower or a washing machine) so with the bigger models you can take a shower and do laundry at the same time. If you have a garden tub they are not a good choice as it takes too long to fill the tub at the flow rates. If you exceed the flow rates, the water temperature goes down. You need gas service. They make electric heaters, but the flow rates are too low. For the ultimate solution, you can use a demand heater as a pre-heater for a tank heater. That would let you fill a garden tub and then keep it warm.

    1. yep michelle is right you can intalsl one of these and save money on electrical bill,,also less water is wasted making the water bill less also ,,but a cheaper way does exist,,,intalsling a timer on the water heater so as to cut on at a certain time before the hot water is needed,,they sell for bout 50 dollars

    2. There is no venting required for any Titan unit. Just have about a foot of clearance around the unit and you’re good to go!

    1. I have purchased a 5 year old house that had dirt visible on the pex cold water piping throughout basement with an old tank in place. Two adults live in house and dirty water comes out of every sink and tub when turned on. I can send you photos. Can these water pipes be cleaned or flushed somehow?

      1. Dirty looking water could be caused by a number of things for sure. The tank may be so old that is has rust and debris inside but without seeing this I can only recommend you contact a plumber to look into this.

    1. Locating a trustworthy plumber is like gold. At some point, everybody is going to require the services of a qualified plumber and it’s nice to know you have one you can trust to come to your home, get the job done quickly and not over charge you. I have had tankless installation quotes vary from 250 to 900 dollars so be smart and look for referrals.

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  8. I just wanted to let you know I got quotes from plumbers to install these and the prices varied from 200 to 600 so I went ahead and did it myself. It took a bit of time but I was able to get it done right and it works great. Thanks for the info

  9. Just for information make sure you use the right wire for these. I tried to use my existing hot water tank electric lines and they were not thick enough. You need to use an 8/2 or 6/2 gauge wire for most of these.
    Also make sure you purge your water lines before activation.
    If the Titans are installed right they are a great product.

    1. The more applications you add to a tankless the lower the hot water production obviously. If all three were to be simultaneously pulling hot water yes you might want to wait on that shower but keep in mind that if you were to do what you describe with an old-fashioned tank then you would be entirely out of hot water in about 4 minutes or so. Then you would get that cold blast in the shower, and have to get out and wait 20 minutes for the water to heat up again. I would take the Tankless scenario in this situation by far.

  10. I was skeptical at first getting the Titan as we have had tank models in every home I have lived in and was reluctant to make the change.
    I got to say I love my Titan. I have a big jetted tub where the hot water would run out about 3/4 of the way when I was filling and go completely cold after that. I would have to wait for my tank (like 20 mins) to reheat the water which I hated. With the Titan there is hot water all the time and fills my tub easy and then I can do dishes, wash etc with no worry of running out. I will never go back 🙂

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