Electric Tankless models NOT recommended

Tankless models NOT recommened  0.5/5 Many fly by night companies pop up all the time selling Tankless models with lifetime warranties or claiming to be made in the USA. Most are cheap imitations out of China that have low pressure ratings, are made out of plastic or cheap metal components and not at all […]


EcoSmart Tankless  3/5 Originally on our NOT recommended list due to Chinese components and their main store closing down as well as warranty issues and other problems. It appears Rheem purchased the company so there have been improvements made with warranty and manufacturing. The units still are Chinese made and many models have plastic […]

Tankless Installation 2

How to a Tankless Water Heater We at Tankless Ratings strongly suggest getting a professional to do the installation and make sure they are familiar with Tankless models. Many old school plumbers will be against Tankless models as they are worried about change and are not familiar. How wrong they are. Also make sure you […]